Roundtable on Global Energy Poverty

by Debates.EU

Over a billion people globally lack access to basic electricity. 

A billion.

Since the developed world takes electricity for granted, it becomes almost difficult to identify with the effects which hinder an ability to improve in areas like healthcare and education. While this is a "global issue," Europe has been impacted as well. MEP Theresa Griffin recently said, "Currently more than 50 million people are living in energy poverty throughout Europe. Millions of households are deciding whether to heat their homes or cook a meal, while big energy companies continue to raise prices and make record profits – something has to change."

Joining us to discuss:
Jo Leinen MEP, representative from Germany and member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

Sarah Keay-Bright, Efficiency Expert at International Energy Charter

Victoria Nalule, a PhD Candidate at CEPMLP, University of Dundee whose research covers energy poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gary Cartwright publisher of EU Today with a particular focus on the current geopolitical tensions between east and west.