Reviewing the Dutch Elections with Pieter Cleppe

by Ari Gold

From a political landscape, 2016 will be classified as the year populism won, marked by controversial results in major elections around the world. Both the Brexit Referendum and Donald Trump winning the US Presidency, presented a major shift in nationalist attitudes throughout the Western world.

We waited anxiously to see what 2017 would bring. Would the brand of populist politician continue to prevail?

The Dutch General Election provided our first major opportunity to reveal where we were headed. Far-right leader, Geert Wilders, was ahead in opinion polls heading into Election Day, but ultimately did not succeed.


To review the path to the election and to take a look at what the results mean for the Netherlands, as well as for other key upcoming elections in the EU, we invited Pieter Cleppe, the Head of Open Europe's Brussels office, to help us break it down.